Gas and Cryo-Supply Ordering Process and Form Link


As of 8.3.2021: MaineOxy has been selected as our preferred vendor and is offering best value and pricing to Bigelow for gas and cryo item (dry ice, LN2, LAr) purchasing. They made a number of concessions on price, providing inventory management information, and sourcing considerations to get preferred vendor status from Bigelow. You can view the price comparison list here.

IMPORTANT: Use the following form to order supplies:

Maine Oxy Order Form - Google Forms - A Purchase Order is not necessary. The form is the authorization and the ordering mechanism. The form is very straightforward.  For any issues using the order form please contact Kevin Posman directly.

Order Placement Timeline: You can place an order using the form at any time. Bigelow will place weekly orders based on what has been submitted no later than Monday at 3pm for Wednesday delivery (for sourcing unique items, orders may be placed more often). Note that the NCMA routine delivery is automatic on the BIG08 account.

Inventory Management/Pick-up: Jay Wheeler will be taking a role of supervising the receiving and shipping functions for the lab to ensure we have a sound control process in managing incoming and outgoing tanks to keep our inventory accurate.

  1. Pick-up: when you are picking tanks up, please ensure you are taking the tank that belongs to your own lab group - it will be labeled! 
  2. The best way to return cylinders is to send Jay an email and let him know you have cylinders to return. He will then make sure they are staged downstairs for pickup at the appropriate time on the following Wednesday.

Unique Ordering/ Sourcing requests: For any ordering questions or to source a unique order, please use the form and alert Val Reny to allow maximum time for the vendor for sourcing. MaineOxy has stated that they can source any gas if given a few days lead time. In cases where a unique gas may be needed from a different supplier, the business office will take care of that order on your behalf. Emergency (off-cycle) sourcing is also available but should not be used unless it is a true emergency. If you need an emergency delivery, please let us know and we'll work it as needed.

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