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At this time, we do not have dedicated events staff at Bigelow. Advancement, Communications, Executive, and Education staff are expected to handle the details for their own events, following this procedure. Anyone else who is planning to host a workshop or meeting at Bigelow should also follow these instructions. Facilities staff is able to provide event setup assistance as detailed below.

Create Event
  1. Create the event in your own calendar
  2. Invite events@bigelow.org as a guest and reserve meeting room space as needed (Google Calendar Overview)
  3. Add facilities needs to event description and invite facteam @ bigelow.org. Potential needs to consider are:
    • Table/chair needs (include number of guests)
    • Meeting room setup style (boardroom, hollow square, u-shape, auditorium, classroom, banquet)
    • Table needs for food display (tables come with linen)
    • Plan on using disposable tableware
    • Coffee/tea or bar setup (include number of guests and preferred table location)
    • Coffee/tea includes: regular coffee, decaf coffee, hot water, tea bags, sugar, cream, cups, spoons/stirrers
    • Bar includes: metal tins with ice, cups, beverage napkins (you provide beverages)
    • Water cooler dispenser and cups
    • If you need main entrance doors unlocked beyond operating hours or residence hall doors propped open (include times)
    • Garbage/recycling cans

You are in charge of ordering and picking up food. Some suggested caterers are:

You are in charge of disposing of leftovers

Leave all dirty reusable dishes in wash bin provided under food tables if facilities provided them

If you need refrigeration space to store food or beverages in advance of an event, please contact facteam @ bigelow.org to discuss
For IT needs, send request with details of what you would like to do at your event to helpdesk @ bigelow.org and invite jambrosino @ bigelow.org to the event
For residence hall needs, email reservations @ bigelow.org to inquire about availability. Prices can be found on the Resources drive here.
It is nice to give Abby Jones at the reception desk a heads up on event details so that she can be prepared to direct your guests appropriately.

Still need help? Submit a ticket.

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