2020 October - COVID resources


This was discussed at the October 7th all-hands meeting and sent as an email on the same day.


We have moved the storage resources drive to Google's Shared Drives. In the process, we have reorganized the file structure and renamed many files to make finding things easier. One major change is that the COVID and communications shared drives have been moved to resources.You can access resources one of three ways:

  1. resources.bigelow.org
  2. Click on the resources link in the top-right corner of the wiki
  3. Navigate to Google Drive > Shared Drives > Resources

COVID screening

The workplace entry screening form can be accessed via covid.bigelow.org. Upon completion, you will be automatically redirected to the lab occupancy sheet.


Phishing poses a real threat to Bigelow. The most common type of phishing we get is "spear phishing". This is when you get an email that appears to be from a member of the executive team (e.g. Debbie) asking you to do something. In the past, you could easily spot these phishing emails because of grammatical errors or funny-looking email signatures. Now, the hackers are getting better and it is more difficult to spot. One trusted way of identifying a phishing email is by the sender's email address. Below is the phishing email that we saw last week. I have highlighted the sender's address - notice that it does not match the sender's name. 

Status page

We have a new system status page where we will post information about any known outages. Currently, it tracks the internet, VPN, printers, phones, storage, and charlie/HPCC. There is a link at the top of the wiki home page that indicates the current status (e.g. All Systems Operational). In the event of an outage, we will keep the status page up to date with progress updates, estimated restore time, etc.

Helpdesk reminder

Please submit all IT requests through help.bigelow.org, regardless of who you are trying to reach. If something is intended for me (Kevin), it will be assigned to me. Feel free to call me out in your ticket.

We use a helpdesk system because it enables us to:

  • Effectively keep track of open issues
  • Collaborate between IT team members and external consultants
  • Search past issues in order to help solve current issues

More importantly, it enables you to set the priority of the request so that we can more effectively triage critical tasks.

Phone forwarding

It is possible to forward your desk phone to your cell or home phone during working hours (or all the time). Please submit a helpdesk request (including your extension and the phone number you would like to forward to) if you would like to set up phone forwarding. 

Still need help? Submit a ticket.

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