Shipping (FedEx)

Request Bigelow FedEx account

  1. Send an email to Rimar Reed ( to request a FedEx shipping account
  2. You will receive a reply with a temporary FedEx password
  3. Log in to with your email and temporary password
  4. Change your temporary password once logged in

Important Notes

  • Shipment of dangerous goods (e.g. dry ice, lithium batteries, etc.) requires consultation with the Safety Officer.
    If you suspect your shipment contains dangerous goods, you should consult the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Dangerous Goods Regulations manual (available in hard copy in Safety Officer’s office). Any lab that ships dangerous goods multiple times a year should have a lab member certified to ship dangerous goods; the Safety Officer can provide details for taking the online course.
  • FedEx will pick up outgoing packages from our location from Monday through Thursday from 11:30 am - 3 pm. To ensure your package is picked up, please drop it off by noon.
  • FedEx does not pick up packages from our location on Fridays. If you need to ship on this day you can take your package at an authorized shipping location (e.g. Coastal Shipping in Edgecomb)
  • For more help, contact 800-463-3339 or go to

Create a FedEx shipping label

*Fields with asterisk are mandatory

  1. Enter your name (or the shipper’s name) and contact information
  2. Enter Recipient contact information
    1. Address 2 is not a mandatory field but you may need the extra field for long addresses
    2. For international European recipient: they may ask you to enter their VAT onto the label - enter the information onto the Recipient Tax ID
    3. Click on the "Save new recipient in address book" to save the information (optional)
    4. Enter your desired declared value
  3. Enter Package & Shipment Details
    1. Remember to weigh your package after it is fully packed up – not just the item you are shipping
    2. Add the dimensions of your package
  4.  Complete the Billing details.
    1. The ‘Bill transportation to’ will automatically populate to our account: BIGELOW LAB-720.
    2. Include your grant number if you will be incurring this charge. This will also notify the Business Office where to charge when they receive the bill.
    3. To charge the shipping cost to the recipient (or 3rd party), enter their 9-digit account number with no dashes or spaces. You will still need to enter information in the "your reference" and "invoice no" fields since these are required.
  5. Click Ship and Print Label.
    1. Verify information is correct, then click Ship. Make sure the recipient is being billed for the shipment (if they want us to charge their account) and for the duties/taxes/fees.
    2. For international shipments: unless otherwise specified by FedEx, print two (2) copies of the label and customs commercial invoice (automatically generated by FedEx).
Other notes
  • Remember to complete the Shipping Notifications section if you would like to track the package.
  • For international shipments: Enter all items being shipped and the dollar value amount in the ‘6. Commodity Information’ then click ‘Add this commodity’. Enter as many different items (or commodities) by checking the Select or create box. The ‘Include USMCA/T-MEC/CUSMA’ is for Canadian recipients.
  • Some countries (Hong Kong, Sweden, etc.) will require an SED/EEI.  You can use the pro forma / customs commercial invoice template available on the resources drive here.

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Shipping (International)

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