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All Staff

All Visitors

Staff, visitors, any active student groups

Non work-related [opt-out enabled]

All science staff (including SRS, RS, and postdocs)

Senior Research Scientists only

Research Scientists only (non SRS)


Heads of advancement, communications, finance, facilities, Chief of Staff, and IT

Includes SRS meeting attendees (srs@, rs@, directors@, and the SRS staff rep)

Please send delivery notifications to this email [opt-out enabled]

High Performance Cluster users

Director of HR

Cindy, David


CFO, Val Reny, Staff Accountant

CFO, Director of HR

Vice President of Research

Tech Transfer Officer

Staff interested in discussing antiracism

Female staff members

Staff that attend CafeCode weekly meetings

Students & Interns



All current interns (including REUs)

All current REU interns

All current intern mentors

All current REU mentors

Fall semester instructors

Fall semester mentors

Fall semester students

Help/Request Groups



Requests for support and general IT questions

Website updates

Facilities requests

Please reach out to the group owner or IT to request to join a Google Group. (see article on creating a Google Group and adding members)

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