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SRS Dashboard Navigation and Usability

Purpose: The purpose of this wiki is to introduce and assist SRSs with navigation and using the "SRS Dashboard." This dashboard is available to any employee at BLOS with the SRS role assigned upon request to David Whitt. Just send an email.

Basic orientation: The SRS dashboard home screen will look like the following: I will describe it by section:


By section:

1. The top left hand screen is the reminders: by default it has tasks assigned to you to complete, event invitations (if any), and POs needing your approval. You may wish also to add things like "Expense reports to approve" by clicking the 3 vertical dots on the top right and clicking "set-up" and then searching for the word "expense" to bring up the option to add that to your reminders. You can use the same procedure to add additional reminders as needed.

2. Tiles (Top of the main screen): The BLOS - Project activity report and the BLOS Budget v. actual report are on the first 2 tiles in this section. Clicking on these will bring you to these frequently used reports. We have wiki articles created for both these reports in the Netsuite folder. The last 2 tiles are to access the project list and the chart of accounts. Both are available for your reference should you wish to view them.

3. The next section is the "My projects section." You should use the Project Manager dropdown to select the projects that you manage in the system. By default, all will be listed. The list will display the "active" projects you have, the project status, the start and end dates of those projects, and what department they are listed under.

4. The next section will show the 10 most recent POs by "me and my team" - this section will show any outstanding PO from you or your team (as shown on the employee record).

5. The expense report by me and my team section is similar to section #4, but for expense reports: it will show the 10 most recent.

6. The encumbrance estimate section may be very useful for a high level summary of all your project spending. To be useful, pay careful attention to the filters. The filters should be the following:

Date: All

Budget version: None - we have loaded the Grant award budgets in "None"

Program: All

Department: While you can select your home department I recommend selecting "Mine and Descendants" since occasionally we have child departments listed under your parent department that may be active or inactive. Selecting a single department will affect your saved search results.

Once the filters are set as described above, your active Programs/Projects will populate up to 10 (unless you modify it using set-up - see note below.

- The None budget is the grant award

- The committed is the amount that is approved in either expense reports or POs in flight (not yet "actuals")

- The unapproved is the amount in POs or expense reports that is still awaiting approvals.

- The actuals are the actuals.

- The Consulted is the Actuals + Committed (Does not include unapproved)

- The available is the Grant award budget less the consumed

This provides an overall summary of your programs and projects relative to the Grant award. It does not show line item expense detail which is necessary to review whether your programs are within their line level budget tolerances (see BLOS budget v. actual) for this information.

Note: Clicking on the 2 periods on the top right of the portlet will allow you to access the "set-up" menu and you can choose to have more results populate: it is defaulted like the following.

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