Creating a Bill to be Paid


  1. Log into NetSuite (
  2. When needing to bill from a Purchase Order, first access the PO record from your dashboard listing, or by using the search bar:
  3. The PO must first be received before it can be billed out. Complete this by selecting 'Receive' from the PO record and then 'Save' from the Item Receipt record:
  4. Once saved, you can then select 'Bill' from the Item Receipt:
  5. From the Bill record you can then confirm/edit the Reference (i.e. Invoice #) and 'Invoice Approver'. You will also want to upload the applicable invoice/receipt, and confirm/edit the amount and project to be billed:
  6. Once the bill is ready for submission, click 'Save' and the bill will be routed through the proper approval workflow (Invoice Approver, AP Clerk, CFO). If you are the bill creator and the Invoice Approver, the bill will automatically move onto the next level of approval. If you are the bill creator, but the Invoice Approver is another staff member, please click on 'Email Approver' so that the Invoice Approver will be notified.
    Note: You will receive an alert if you forget to upload an invoice and will be unable to save the record until this task is complete. If also prompted to select a 'Restriction', always use 'Without Donor Restriction'.
  7. Should you need to access this bill at any time, you can find it on the PO's Related Records tab and can access the record by clicking on the date link:
  8. If you have a bill needing to be paid that did not require a PO, you can create a bill by navigating to Transactions > Payables > Enter Bills and then reference steps 5-7:
  9. If the bill is rejected by anyone assigned in the workflow, the reason should appear for all staff to view. To make changes to the bill before resubmitting for approval, please contact the Business Office at

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