Lab Closure Procedure


Email staff

Send email to with details about closing. Please include the following text from the employee handbook:


At times, emergencies such as severe weather, fires, power failures and earthquakes can disrupt Laboratory operations. In extreme cases, these circumstances may require the closing of the Laboratory.

Employees will be notified via an all-staff email and a notification will also be placed on the Laboratory main phone number. When administrative operations are officially closed due to emergency conditions, the following expectations apply:

• CEO, Vice Presidents, Senior Research Scientists, Research Scientists, Postdoctoral Research Scientists, and senior Administrative staff are expected to work from home or complete their work for the week at other times, and should charge their time as usual.

• Technical and Administrative staff who are able to work from home should plan accordingly, if possible, and charge time as usual. If working from home or making up the time is not feasible for staff members in these groups, their time will be paid by the Laboratory from the Paid Time Off pool, and staff should use the “Lab Closure” option for charging time.

On days of poor weather conditions, when the Laboratory is open, employees are expected to work. Employees unable or not willing to travel may take vacation time or time off without pay.

Send SMS text message

Send email to

Subject: BIGELOW

Message: [CLOSED or DELAYED opening until or CLOSING at] [ALL DAY or TIME]

  • Please be clear and concise
  • Delete email signature from message


DELAYED opening until NOON


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