Cryo Inventory Upload

Step 1: Update the following fields in the Excel CSV Import.

External ID: Enter a unique External ID. Each import should have a unique external ID mentioned on it and unique from the previous imports.

Date: Enter date of transaction in the following format: Month/ Date/ Year. (06/03/2021).

Inventory Adjustment Adjustments: Line

Enter the line of the item on the transaction record. Each item should be entered on a new line. For example:

If we have two items, then we will have two lines with each item entered on a new line. Please see example below:

Similarly, as we add more items, we will have to add new lines.

Inventory Adjustment Adjustments: Adjust Qty. By (Req): Enter the quantity that you want to adjust the quantity of the item by. This should be in the form of additions or subtractions to the present quantity that you will be making. If we are increasing the quantity, then we will be input a positive number to show how much we are increasing it by.  

If we are decreasing the quantity, then we will have to write a negative number so the value reduces.

Inventory Adjustment Adjustments: Item: Enter the internal ID of the item that we are doing the adjustment for.

Internal ID of an item can be accessed by doing an export of all items and matching the internal ID of the item with the item name.

This can be accessed by navigating to the saved search named ‘BLOS - Inventory Adjustment Item Internal ID’.  This is a public search and should be accessed via global search.

You may export the excel file and then find the Name of the item in the excel file so you can find it’s associated internal id.

Inventory Adjustment Adjustments : Est. Unit Cost: This will be set to $ 0 and should remain so.

Inventory Adjustment Adjustments – Inventory Detail : Quantity: Enter the quantity of the adjustment that needs to happen.

Example: If the adjustment that needs to happen is 3 units, then the quantity will be 3.

Inventory Adjustment Adjustments - Inventory Detail : Receipt Inventory Number: Enter the serial number of the items that you are importing.  Since each item will have one serial number irrespective of the quantity being added, we can simply record one value per line, and it will create those many new items with the same serial number.

Step 2: Login to NetSuite to perform the upload of the inventory items.

  1. Navigate to Setup > Import/Export > Saved CSV Imports
  2. Navigate to the ‘TEST CRYO UPLOAD - Single File‘ and click on it.
  3. Select the file you want to upload and click next.
  4. On the Import Options page, select ‘ADD’ under Data Handling and then hit ‘Next’.
  5. On the Field Mapping page, check that the mappings for all fields and columns are as follows. Once added, click ‘Next’.

The following fields have been hardcoded in the saved import and will not require any change from you.

49000 Cost of Goods Sold <--> Inventory Adjustment Account (Req).

Old Thaws <--> Inventory Adjustment Adjustments: Location (Req)

BLOS – OLD THAWS BIN <--> Inventory Adjustment Adjustments – Inventory Detail: Bin

The other fields will be mapped accordingly per the import file that is being imported.
  1. On the Save mapping & Start Import, press ‘Save & Run’ from the dropdown.
  2. On the next page, click the ‘Import Job Status’ page to view the status of the Import Job.
  3. View the job import status to see how many records were imported.
A successful import will return a message like 1 of 1 records imported successfully. In case not all records are imported, click on CSV Response to see the errors in the import. This will download a CSV file showing you the errors in the file.

Some Common Errors that you may encounter are:

  1. This record already exists
    Cause: This error appears if the external ID was already used in a previous transaction.
    Solution: Ensure that the external ID mentioned on the import file is unique and there have not been previous imports with that external ID.
  2. Date field not in your preferred date format for field "Date" – You have entered an Invalid Field Value x/x/xxxx for the following field: trandate
    Cause: Invalid Date Format
    Result: Update date format in the excel csv file.

If there are some other errors, you may refer to the following SuiteAnswer articles.

CSV Import Error Messages

General Transaction Import Errors

Transactions Import Errors 

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