Bill/Invoice Approval


Approve or Reject an Invoice/Bill

If you receive an "Invoice for Approval" via email:

  1. Review the invoice (attached) and additional information in the email
  2. Click on the Approve or Reject buttons at the bottom of the message
  3. A new email will open with a subject that looks like "123456|Approved|9" and no body
    The recipient will have a long email address that looks like
  4. Click Send to confirm your response

Setup a "Bill Approval Reminder" feature in SRS Dashboard

You can also approve these records directly in NetSuite by utilizing this Bill Approval Reminder. This feature is not available to staff that only has access via the Employee Center Role.

  1. Select 'Set Up' from the upper right corner of your Reminders portlet
  2. Then Click or Drag the search titled 'Bills Pending My Approval' to your Current Selections list and Save
  3. When there are bills pending approval in your personal queue, they will appear in your Reminders portlet similar to ERs and POs

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