External Invoice (create)


  1. Log into NetSuite (netsuite.bigelow.org)
  2. Enter your email address and password
  3. Navigate to Transactions > Sales and click on "Create Invoice"
  4. Start typing the Constituent name to search and select from the list (use the % symbol if can't remember the exact name of the constituent as that will pull all constituent records with that word included):
  1. If the Constituent is new and does not currently exist in NetSuite, click on the '+' button to create a new Constituent record and another screen should open for you:
    1. First select the type of form to use (use 'NFP - Constituent' unless instructed to use another option), and then select 'Company' or 'Individual'.
    2. From there the form will alert you to fill out any required fields as noted by a red asterisk. Click 'Save' once complete and that new Constituent will then be tagged to your new invoice.
  2. Confirm Account code is correct (use 11001 as default if other accounts are N/A to you)
  3. If relevant, select PDF Branding logo
  1. Enter information you would like to have appear on the final invoice into the Notes field
  2. Enter Item, Description, Amount (and also Quantity and Rate if applicable/relevant/useful), and Segment Code. Then click Add for another line if another is desired and/or when all items have been entered so that the final total appears.
    1. If you receive an error message asking to enter a Segment Code, it's likely because you've started another line and your view might look something like this:
    2. Should this happen, just click on the line above so that the system knows you aren't trying to add another line with missing information.
  3. Select Terms
  4. To Enter a Billing Address, select Custom
  5. Then click on the box with arrow to the right of Bill to Select field
  6. Enter and then Save Address information into the window that popped up
  7. Confirm that Address information entered is correct
  8. Navigate to Communication > Messages and either Select Message (that will also appear as the Constituent Message) OR enter a Constituent Message
  9. Check To Be E-mailed box and then enter email address of desired recipient
    1. Note: if you wish to send to multiple individuals, you'll need to save the record first, then return to the Communications tab where you can create an Email and add multiple recipients:
  10. Under Primary information at the top, confirm Due Date is correct and enter a PO# if the constituent provided one that should be referenced on the invoice
  11. Click Save and observe confirmation that the 1) transaction was successfully saved and 2) INV# was assigned
  12. This is how the invoice appears if you save it as a PDF

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Internal Invoice (create)

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