Personnel Onboarding

Our strength lies in the expertise and dedication of our employees. We have developed an onboarding process in order to help new Bigelowians transition into the workplace and ensure they have a clear understanding of our mission and values, as well as who to contact for questions that may arise in the first day and week (and beyond!).

Our onboarding process:

  • Director of Human Resources alerts Chief of Staff of start date for new hire at time the hire letter is signed.
  • Chief of Staff creates a “New Employee Alert” calendar event, and invites the Onboarding Team ("StaffUpdates@"), as well as the Hiring Manager and the new hire.
  • Chief of Staff creates a new tab in the Onboarding Team Checklist for the employee. The Onboarding Team uses the Google Sheet checklist as a way to track onboarding task completion (see list below for roles and tasks).
  • Chief of Staff creates cal event for Visiting Scientists; Education Coordinator creates cal event/checklist tab for Interns.
  • Hiring Manager must:
    • submit a helpdesk request for a new account with IT in advance
    • discuss office space assignment with the Chief of Staff and set up the new hire's work space in advance
    • purchase any necessary computer equipment
    • greet the new hire upon arrival on first day
    • send around an all-staff email with the new hire's picture, title, and Bigelow contact information (office number, phone number, and email address) on first day

This process can be adjusted for a remote start if necessary.

Onboard Team Checklist

HR: Payroll, Benefits, Timesheet, Moving Expense Reimbursement

Safety: Safety Policies, Safety Training, Liability Waiver form (VS only), Shore Facility Warnings, Emergency Contact Info

Facilities: Keycard access form, Kitchen Cleaning Review, Trash/Recycling Process,, Loading Dock shipping & receiving, Map of Building and Trails, Diving and Boating, Radiation Safety

Information Technology: Email, Domain Account Creation (supervisor request in advance), Name/title/picture added to website, Phone Extension, Onboarding Orientation

Receptionist: Mailbox & Shipping/Mailing Procedures, Office Supplies and Printer Locations, Google Calendar, Bits & Bites Seminars, Tour of Commons, CEO scheduling & anonymous suggestion box, Nametag on Door

Chief of Staff: Harassment Prevention Training Video, Name added to Staff Directory, New Hire Employee forms, Employee Engagement Activities, Hiring Overview, Committees and Internal Governance

Finance: Review finance onboarding wiki, Melon Travel setup, NetSuite training

Communications: Communications Products and Resources, Ideas/Requests/Submissions, Use of Name and Logo, Media Relations

(SRS/RS/Postdoc only) VPE: Online Journal Access/Library Services, Education Program Participation, Entrance Interview, Committee Assignments

(SRS/RS only) CEO: Welcome, Board of Trustees Overview

(SRS/RS only) CFO: NetSuite Instructions, Research-related insurance needs, Capital Equipment Purchases

(SRS/RS only) VPR: First Year Goals/Expectations, Proposal Process/Deadlines, PIIE & Administrative Time Agreement, Committee Assignments, ORCA Program, Grants and Proposals Policies

(SRS/RS only) Grants Manager: Document Access FAQs and Templates, Annual Reporting, Awards Transfers, Subawards, Grants and Proposals Policies

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Personnel Offboarding

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