Meeting ID: 207 315 2567

Room Features

  • TV, screen, Meeting Owl 360° camera & speakerphone
  • Projector (for non-Zoom screen sharing)

Using the Zoom Room

Instructions for using Zoom Rooms

Turn off the Zoom Room

  1. Turn off the TV



Troubleshooting Steps

Camera, microphone, or speakers not working

Press the multi-purpose button (circle) on the base of the Owl.

Make sure that the Owl is plugged in to power below the table.

Try unplugging the Owl and plug it back in.

Tap "Start Video" button on Zoom controller.

After re-plugging in the Owl, you may need to restart the meeting.

Zoom Room Controller (iPad) is not turned on

Plug the controller into the lightning charging cable on the TV stand

Still need help? Submit a ticket.

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