Non-Employee Reimbursement


Requesting Reimbursement for Non-Employee – Create Bill

  1. Log into NetSuite (
  2. Navigate to Transactions > Payables > Enter Bills
  3. Enter the Non-Employee name in the vendor field (please use the 'Requesting New Vendor' option if the non-employee isn't set up in NetSuite yet) and upload supporting documentation to the 'Invoice PDF' field
    1. The Invoice Approver will default to the user entering the Bill, so please update that accordingly if needed
    2. Please uncheck the 'Invoice Approver Approval' box if someone besides yourself should be approving this bill for payment
  1. Enter the appropriate details in the Expenses section
  1. Should you need to attach more than one supporting document, please add files to the Communications > Files tab (only one file can be uploaded in the 'Invoice PDF' field)
  2. Once satisfied with the Bill setup, simply click 'Save & Email Approver' and the Bill will be routed to the next individual for approval
  1. If your Non-Employee prefers to be paid electronically, please also complete and attach this Stipend or Non-Employee Payment Request Form

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