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Website change requests

Submit requests at subject: "website edit". Please make sure that you are as descriptive as possible when submitting changes.

There is a Word document template to assist in communicating changes. There is a completed template here to use as an example.

What to include in a request

  • URL of the page you want to edit
  • Attach documents, including your updated CV, in PDF format
  • Attach images in PNG format or include them in the word document (highest resolution possible)
    • For multiple images, specify the order that they should appear on the page
    • If you do not include the image in the word document, please use the following format to communicate the image position in the text:
      [IMAGE: phytoplankton.png ALIGN: left]
    • Images can not have a hight or width greater 1500px

Other notes:

  • Title changes must come from HR or your supervisor
Profile and lab page options are described here

Profile pages

There are several sections and pages available in the employee profile. Bio, research, and publications are tabs within this profile page. CV links to the PDF of your CV. The dark-colored lab page and service links go to other pages within the Bigelow site.

Examples of bio, research, and publication pages:

The default sidebars include the most recent news articles and a newsletter subscription form.

There is also an optional Twitter sidebar available for those who are active on the platform. If you want to use this option, please submit your Twitter handle with your request to

Lab pages

Lab pages are available to showcase your latest research projects. These pages are more flexible than profile pages and can range from a single webpage to multiple webpages linked by a sidebar navigation menu.

Please keep the ongoing maintenance responsibilities in mind when deciding on the type of content you want to share and the number of pages you want to create.

  • Lab pages can contain text, images, and embedded YouTube videos.
  • If you want to have multiple pages for your lab, we will create a sidebar menu to navigate them. An "overview" page always serves a lab's landing page.
  • Lab staff (including SRSs, postdocs, and research staff) will be automatically displayed in a sidebar.

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