Recurring Purchase Order (SRS)


NetSuite allows you to submit recurring, "memorized", purchase orders at intervals (e.g. monthly).

To memorize a purchase order, you must first create a purchase order, but not submit it for approval.

Memorize a purchase order

  1. Click on the date next to the PO that you want to memorize in the purchase orders saved search on your dashboard
  2. Click Edit
  3. Select Memorize from the Actions dropdown
  4. Select Automatic from the ACTION dropdown
  5. In the Recurring section, pick the next date to submit (not including the current date/ submission)
  6. Click the Save button
  7. Click the OK button in the browser pop-up
  8. Don't forget that you haven't submitted the PO for approval yet!
    1. Return to the dashboard, open the PO, and click submit for approval

View & manage memorized transactions (POs)

  1. Using the menubar at the top of the page, navigate to Transactions > Management > Enter Memorized Transactions

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