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Corporate Travel Resources:

As an employee of Bigelow, you have access to a professional corporate travel site that allows you to book travel online or use our dedicated travel agent. The basic advantage of booking through the tool is that options displayed will show you exactly what is in policy and offer out of policy options that require justification (its ok to deviate from policy if you have a reasonable justification). During travel, when you need help, your travel agents are available 24/7 with only a phone call. We recommend you put the number in your phone contacts. Finally, because changes happen in business travel, allows you to track your credits and use them efficiently in the future before they expire. For new employees that may not have access at the time of hire, please request access, if and when needed by emailing We will send you a welcome invite.

  • Link to the corporate travel tool:
  • Link to the Melon Travel Resources and How to Guide: Bigelow Labs. Travel Resources Site (Includes the initial bits and bites training video recording)
  • For project travel coordinators/trip arrangers: If you are an administrator and need to book on behalf of other employees or non-employees, you can become a trip arranger. If you are not one currently and need to become one please reference the trip arranger guide.

Notes on policy groups: Bigelow has 2 policy groups set up within your profile set-ups.

  1. The first group is for corporate card holders. The corporate card will be your default set-up. If you wish to use your personal card for certain trips of a personal nature, you can switch your corporate card to your personal card. All users with a corporate card are set up under this this group, by default.
  2. The second group is for non-corporate card holders which, utilize Bigelow's line of credit with Corporate traveler. This means you can bill your expenses to our line of credit and specify your project. You can further use a personal card through corporate traveler or any combination of payment methods if you use the travel agent. Regardless of your payment method used, you will have to file an expense report for expenses incurred in order to clear your corporate card or pay down the line of credit.
Basic Flow Chart for use of this resource:

Pricing: Melon is funded through booking travel through its channels on a per itinerary basis. The more you can get on a single itinerary, the less fees will be added. Generally, the pricing is reasonable given the value add of the tool in both compliance and being available to help with changes during travel, 24/7 as needed.

Per reservation fee using Melon : $10 per itinerary added

Per reservation fee using the agent : $30 per itinerary added

Note of using your personal airline miles/hotel points : Corporate Traveler/Melon, by law, cannot use your points/miles on your behalf. You can accumulate personally by booking business travel but not spend them. If you wish to use points or miles for upgrades the best way to do it is just to book travel and then to use your airline or hotel apps to locate the reservation and you can usually apply your miles or points for upgrades at that time.

Once Travel is Booked - File your Expense Report in Netsuite - instructions HERE. If you do not receive an invoice after booking, please check your spam/junk folder, or contact the Business Office for a copy.

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