Zoom Room


Turn on a Zoom Room display

Start a new meeting to automatically turn on the display(s).


  1. Click on the "Room Controls" button on the left side of the Zoom Room Controller (iPad)
  2. Tap the "On" button

Share Screen in Zoom Room

  1. Open the Zoom application on your computer (and sign in)
  2. Click on the Share Screen button
  3. If the share didn't start automatically, follow the instructions on the Zoom Room controller (iPad)
    If that doesn't work, click the Share Content button on the Zoom Room controller (iPad) and follow the on-screen instructions

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Using the Zoom Room Controller

The Zoom Room controller is an iPad mounted on the wall (Boardroom and Alfond Room) or on the Zoom cart (Classroom). Controllers are used to start and control meeting from the Zoom Room.

Start a meeting

  • Tap New Meeting to start a new meeting with the Zoom Room's meeting ID.
    Use this option to start an event that you scheduled.
  • Tap Join to join a meeting using a Meeting ID

In-meeting controls

Once in a meeting, the controls are similar those in your computer's Zoom app.

Click on the "More" icon to access additional controls, including record, chat, and breakout rooms.

Waiting room

In the image above, there is a red notification badge on the Participants icon, indicating that someone is in the waiting room or has their hand raised.

To let them in, click on the participants icon and "Admit" next to the participant's name.

Participant options (e.g. host/co-host)

From the participants screen, tap on a participant for a list of options

Control the camera

For Zoom Rooms with pan/tilt/zoom cameras (Boardroom & Alfond Room) you can control them from the Zoom Room Controller. Click on the Camera Control icon and use the on-screen controls to adjus the camera.

Multiple cameras

If the Zoom Room has two cameras (Alfond Room), can click on the "Switch Cameras" icon and select the "main camera".

To use two cameras at the same time, check the box next to the camera in Multi-Camera mode.

In multi-camera mode, the remote participants will see the "main camera" as the "speaker" and the secondary camera in the participant grid.

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