Purchase Order (example)


A purchase order (PO) request is required if you are:

  • purchasing from a vendor that is not exempt from purchase orders
  • not using a personal payment method such as a credit card (which only requires an expense report)

For more information, see the purchasing policy.

PO example #1

If items and quantity are known, it is helpful for the business office if you include them in the PO request.

Note the line level detail shows itemization of charges that matches the quote attached (below).

The pre-purchase invoice is attached to the Communications > Files tab and matches the expense line detail exactly. Ideally, a quote or an estimate is available so that approvers can approve something close to what actually will occur when the PO is fully approved.

Please ask the vendor to include the PO number on the final invoice.

PO example #2

Item and quanties are not known, so only general information is included.

Approval of this PO indicates sufficient budget to cover the costs. In this example, the purchaser is indicating that this will be a single purchase (one line) with a total of approximately $500.

A good deal of flexibility is represented by this PO but:

  • the purchase must be made from Ames
  • the amount must be about $500
  • the purchaser should be making a single purchase at the store so the invoice can be linked to this PO at a 1:1 relationship

If you wish to use this single PO for multiple receipts, add more lines (rows) to the PO and divide up the purchases.

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Purchase Order

Purchase Order (supplemental)

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