2021 December - WiFi


Hello everyone,

There is a new staff WiFi network called Bigelow Staff. Moving forward, this will be used instead of the “Bigelow" network. The Bigelow network will be depreciated in early 2022 - see schedule below.

Instead of using a shared password, the new Bigelow Staff network will use your domain credentials, which you already use to connect to your computer, storage, and printers. Instructions for connecting to the Bigelow Staff network are at support.bigelow.org/wifi Authentication should only need to be performed every few months, if that.

Please note that the new Bigelow Staff WiFi network should not be used on cell phones, personal tablets, or non-work computers. The Bigelow Guest network is just as fast as the Staff network for accessing the internet. The staff network provides additional access to internal resources such as storage, HPCC, and printing. 

Bigelow WiFi Network Depreciation Schedule

February 1, 2022 - Bigelow WiFi network will be hidden and not accessible from the WiFi menu. Computers can remain connected until the network is deleted.

March 1, 2022 - Bigelow WiFi network will be deleted.

The sooner you start using the network the sooner we can work out any kinks. As always, please let us know if you have any questions! If you need technical support connecting to the new network, please submit a helpdesk request.- KevinThis email is archived in the Updates section of support.bigelow.org. I will resend this email as a reminder on January 17th.

Still need help? Submit a ticket.

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