Google Calendar Overview

Add an event

Events should be created on your calendar, not added directly to a Bigelow calendar (e.g. events, travel, classroom).

  1. Open Google Calendar
  2. Login using your Bigelow email credentials, if prompted
  3. Click on the Create button in the top-left corner
  4. Add an event name, date & time, and guests
  5. To add a room/resource, click on "Add rooms or location" towards the bottom of the window
    1. Click on Add rooms
    2. Click on categories to view the available rooms (by default, only available rooms will be visible)
    3. Click on the room(s) that you want to use
    4. Click on the back arrow in the top-left corner of the window next to "All rooms & resources"
  6. To add a Zoom invitation, refer to
  7. Click Save to create the event

Delete an event

  1. Click on the the event in your calendar
  2. Select the trash bin
  3. Choose to send cancellation emails to guests and include an option message.

Show Resource on Calendar

  1. Open Google Calendar
  2. In the left-side bar, scroll down to the Other calendar section
  3. Click the + button next to Other calendars
  4. Click Browse resources
  5. Expand the relevant section
  6. Check the box next to the resources that you want to add to your calendar

Subscribing to a Calendar

  1. Open Google Calendar
  2. Scroll down to the Other calendar section in the left-side bar.
  3. Click the + button next to Other calendars
  4. Click Subscribe to Calendar
  5. Type in the address of the calendar you would like to add and click enter



Bigelow Events

Bigelow Travel

Using the Bigelow Travel Calendar

Using the Travel Calendar is a respectful way to let your coworkers know that you will be unavailable for business or meetings. Thank you in advance for using this tool!

  1. To view the Travel Calendar:
    1. Locate the “Add a coworker’s calendar” in the bottom section of the left sidebar in Google Calendar
    2. Enter into the box
  2. To add your travel dates to the Travel Calendar:
    1. Create an event on YOUR OWN calendar
    2. Click "Add guests" and add to the event
    3. If prompted, click “Send Invitation”
  3. Delete or update your travel:
    1. Delete or update the event on your own calendar
    2. If prompted, click “Update Guests”
  4. Other hints:
    • Label the event with your last name, e.g. "Smith out" instead of just "out" so that everyone can easily see WHO is out on a given day
    • No need to invite any other Bigelow email groups (i.e. staff, events) to your travel
    • Use the "all day" label if you will be gone for the full day or multiple days (rather than 8:00-4:30) to help keep the calendar uncluttered, or you can use hours if you will be out for only part of the day
    • You can add details like, "vacation", "at ASLO conference", or "text my mobile 207-123-4567 if you need me" if you would like, as appropriate

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