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Pull down screen
  1. Locate the cubby/locker labeled "microphones & slide advancer" near the Cafe
  2. Find the metal extendable pole with a hook on one end
  3. Extend the pole and use it to gently pull down the screen
Power on projector

Use the Panasonic projector remote control in the cubby to power on the projector (top-right button on remote)

If it does not come on, make sure that it is plugged in to the left of the left door to the back patio. Try standing directly in front of projector when pressing the power on button.

To use the microphone or computer audio over the built-in speakers:

There are three microphones available: two handheld microphones and one headset.

You can use the blue handheld microphone and either one of the black microphones at any one time. Do not use the black handheld microphone and headset at the same time.

  1. Open the audio/video cubby
  2. There is a round white switch on the inside of the door. Push "ON" (please turn OFF when finished)
  3. Take a microphone and turn it on using the power button on centered on the side
    You may need to hold the button for one second to turn it on and off
    Be sure to turn the microphone off when you are finished
  4. The microphone should be audible over the built-in ceiling speakers. If it is not, try pushing the white ON button again.
Start Zoom

Use the Zoom controller in the cubby to start or join a meeting

Make sure that the Zoom Room is unmuted on the Zoom controller.
Share your screen

When joining the Zoom meeting from your computer DO NOT CONNECT TO AUDIO or there will be loud feedback. Share your screen as you normally would with Zoom. Be sure to check the "Share Sound" box in the bottom left corner of the share window.

Using the presenter's webcam

To use your computer's webcam with the Zoom meeting:

On your computer:

  1. Click the "Start Video" button in the bottom-left corner of the Zoom window
  2. If needed, change the active webcam using the up arrow next to the "Start/Stop Video icon"

On the Zoom Controller:

By default, Zoom shows the video of the active speaker. Since the audio is coming from the Zoom Room and the video from the presenter's computer, you should use the spotlight feature to show the presenter's webcam regardless of who is speaking:

  1. Tap Manage Participants
  2. Tap on the participant who'se camera you want to use (typically the presenter's computer)
  3. Tap Spotlight Video

Presenter's iMac

The iMac on the podium can be used for presentations. The email client is configured with You can email your presentation to that email address and retreive it on the computer. You can also use a USB drive or AirDrop to transfer.



Troubleshooting Steps

Audio not coming out of speakers

Speakers are not loud enough

  1. Locate the white cabinet in the classroom with a computer monitor on top.
  2. Open the cabinet doors and locate the PYLE receiver on the top shelf (see above diagram)
  3. Press the ON button on the white switch on top of the PYLE receiver
  4. Make sure that the power switch on the front-right of the receiver is turned on (tilted up)
  5. The three ceiling-mounted speakers in the commons have individual volume controls:
    1. Channel 4 (CH4; green in above diagram) is the speaker closest to the classroom
    2. Channel 5 (CH5; blue in above diagram) is the speaker in the middle
    3. Channel 6 (CH6; red in above diagram) is the speaker closest to the cafe (just in front of the ceiling-mounted projector)
  6. Adjust the volume as needed on the individual speakers. The default position for all three is at the 5 mark (pointed straight up)

When I turn on the microphone, there is no green light

If the microphone does not turn on after holding the power button for 2 seconds, you may need to change the batteries. The Shure handheld microphone and body back use AA batteries.

  1. Unscrew the bottom half of the microphone (above diagram; right) or pinch and pull down the front cover of the body pack (above diagram; left)
  2. Remove the 2 AA batteries and replace with new batteries
  3. Replace cover

Additional microphone troubleshooting can be found at

Projector does not turn on

  1. Make sure that the projector is plugged in.
    The projector plugs in via a cable from the ceiling to a wall outlet to the left of the patio doors (when looking towards the water).
  2. Stand directly in front of the projector (half way between the screen and projector) and point the remote control at the projector's lens. Press the power button (above diagram; green)

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