Zeiss Digital Classroom


Connect the iPad to the microscopes
  1. Turn on iPad
  2. Launch Zeiss app
  3. In the bottom left corner it should saw WLAN: Carl_Zeiss. If not:
    1. Press the home button
    2. Open settings
    3. Click on WiFi
    4. Click on the Carl_Zeiss network
    5. It may say that it is not connected to internet. This is okay - if prompted touch "Use without internet"
    6. Re-open the Zeiss app
View image from iPad on TV (using Apple TV)
  1. From the Zeiss app on the iPad, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to enter control center
  2. Tap on "Airplay Mirroring"
  3. Tap "Commons"
    1. If you do not see "Commons", make sure that the Apple TV is connected to the Carl_Zeiss WiFi network

Portable Zeiss Digital Classroom Setup

If a class needs to use the digital microscopes in networked mode in some location other than the Alfond Room, they can be set up using the Asus wireless router that's configured for this purpose (router can be obtained from IT).

  1. Plug in the router. It is configured to generate a wifi network called Scopes.
  2. Connect ethernet cables from the microscopes to the Asus router.
  3. Connect the Apple TV device to the router with an ethernet cable or via the Scopes wifi network (password 00000000).
  4. Plug the Apple TV device into a suitable TV or monitor with an HDMI cable
  5. Connect the iPad with the Zeiss software to the Scopes wifi network.
  6. Launch the Zeiss software, it should discover the microscopes automatically
  7. On the Screen Mirroring applet, select AirPlay. This will mirror whatever application is active on the iPad.

Notes: The ip address for the router is, and the admin password for the router is planktonrock.

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