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Summary: When entering proposals, creators are asked to answer questions on whether the proposal involves diving, radioisotopes, genetic manipulation, toxic compounds, biosafety concerns, or requires institutional animal care. Based on these answers, a series of tasks are created that prompts the required approvers to go in and apply their approvals.

By way of example, I have created a test transaction and will walk you through from the email you receive, how to complete the required approval.

  1. A test transaction requires diving approval. Upon saving the proposal record, an email task reminder is sent to the "dive officer" to prompt an approval. Click the blue hyper link that will take you to the "task" record in Netsuite. The task record is telling you that something must be completed.
  2. By clicking the hyperlink and logging into Netsuite, you are now viewing the "Task" Record. You can click the hyperlink on the top left of the task record to take you to the proposal record.
  1. When you arrive on the proposal, click the "EDIT" Button.
  2. Navigate to the approval tab/ section of the form. You'll note that the creator specified "Diving approval" for this example. As the diving approver, review the proposal and diving comments, if applicable. If you approve, please check the "Dive Safety Officer Approval" checkbox and click "SAVE" on the form. If you do not approve, you can insert comments in the free text field to explain to the VPRA your concerns. Note that your approval is not required for overall approval of the proposal. This form is collecting information to inform the VPRA on the proposal to make a determination on whether to move forward.

  1. When you are finished with your approval or comments and hit "Save" - this completes the task. You may now wish to navigate back to your "task" and mark it "complete." This is not required but, may be helpful if you want a clean task list record.

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