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Employees should not enter sick and vacation time directly into timesheets because it will not effect the actual accrued balances of this time (although it is technically possible to do so, it must be fixed administratively every time it isn't done properly).

Rather, requesting time off and utilizing vacation time should be done using the process below and this will auto-populate the appropriate time entry when the request is approved by the employee supervisor. Requests may be auto-approved by the system if this is enabled on the individual employee profiles. For auto-approvals, an email is generated letting the supervisor know of the request and the approval.

Requesting time off

Paid time off, PTO, must be requested and approved in NetSuite ahead of time in order to process properly.

Log into NetSuite ( and select the Employee Center role

  1. From the Employee Center home screen, click "Request Time-Off"
  2. Select a date range
  3. For each day of time off, select a code (sick, vacation, jury duty, etc.) from the dropdown
  4. Write a message to the approver
  5. Click Submit
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View time off balances

To view PTO (vacation and sick time) balances in NetSuite

  1. Log into NetSuite at
  2. Ensure that you are in the Employee Center role (top-right corner of screen)
  3. From the home screen, scroll down to the Payroll section
  4. Click on the date of the most recent payroll
  5. Click on PTO in blue bar
  6. You will see your vacation and sick time balance in the right column
  7. Please make sure to enter your time away from the lab in the Bigelow Travel Calendar

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