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Proposal timeline and document updates

Summary : After you create a proposal and it is conditionally approved by the VPRA, pay attention to the "Preliminary VPRA review date." This is when the VPRA would like to have documents to review in order to meet the submission timeline. By default, the ideal timeline is based off the Proposal due date according to the following schedule:

Proposal Timeline Default Rules:

  • Proposal Due Date: xx/xx/xxxx [Specified by the creator of the proposal]
  • Target Submission Date: xx/xx/xxxx - defaulted at 5 days before the due date
  • Preliminary VPRA Review: xx/xx/xxxx - defaulted at 12 days before the due date

This is the schedule we strive for. If these dates cannot be achieved the system will default in the earliest possible dates.

Completing Tasks and adding it to your reminders on your Netsuite dashboard.


After the VPRA approves your proposal, additional tasks will be created. All tasks will be emailed and you can access them through the hyperlinks. Additionally, you can view your tasks in your reminders portlet. Your reminders portlet is on the top left of your Netsuite home dashboard. To add "tasks" to your reminders portlet, click on the 3 vertical dots on your reminders portlet and click "set-up." Type "task" in the search and you can select "tasks due today." Click save. You now have tasks on your reminders.

Note that your tasks will remain open and "due" until they are marked "completed" on the task records. If you want to keep your task records short, you can mark them complete. Or, you can ignore the ones you already completed. There is no requirement to keep your list clean. See below what a task record looks like - note the status of this one is marked "completed."

Adding Documents to a Proposal.

Note: Please avoid emailing proposal documents as someone else just will have to place them on the proposal record. Final proposal docs should be saved on the proposal record for posterity. They will be useful in future award management and be useful as a reference point in the future.

Under the "Other information" section of a proposal, you will see fields created for your budget, budget justification, and proposal documents. You can save them in the "Proposals" folder as you add them. You can save additional misc. documents under the communications tab > Files part of the record. This will keep all the proposal information in a single location to facilitate review, submission, and future award management. We will use these documents through the life of the award.

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