Purchase Order


  1. Log into NetSuite (netsuite.bigelow.org)
  2. Click the blue Enter Purchase Request button in the Purchases section
    From SRS role, navigate to Transactions > Purchases and click on "Enter Purchase Orders"
  3. Start typing the vendor name to search and select from the list
    Type %, the wildcard character, before your search term to search any part of the vendor name. You can use this wildcard throughout NetSuite.
    E.g. searching for "VWR" will only show results starting with VWR, whereas searching for "%VWR" will show results with VWR anywhere in the name.
    1. If the vendor is not in the list, select "requesting new vendor" from the list and enter the new vendor name and any additional information that may be helpful for this (website address, contact person etc.) in the "vendor (to create)" field.
  4. Once Vendor information has been entered check that the subsidiary is set to "Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences"
  5. In the table at the bottom of the window, select the purchase category from the drop down menu and enter the amount, description, and segment code (formerly Grant/Project #)
  6. Click the blue "add" button to add additional items and after the last item has been entered
  7. Optional: under communication > files, a file can be attached (quotes, etc.)
    1. Attach a file by clicking on the + to the right of the attach file field
    2. Set folder to "Purchase Request Documentation"
    3. Select and upload a file and then click blue save button
  8. Uncheck the "relevant for grant" box if none of the segment codes entered are grants
    Enter into "notes" any information you'd like to see appear on the final PO that the vendor will receive (e.g. quote number)
  9. When complete, click the blue save button
    You will see a confirmation that the PO was saved and the PO number. Note that you can edit the PO using the blue edit button until it has been approved.
  10. Click grey Submit for Approval button

From your dashboard view of purchases note status of PO is "pending supervisor approval"

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