Quick connect
  1. Open File Explorer (Windows Key + E)
  2. In the address bar, at the top of the window, type: \\
  3. Click on a storage share
Map a storage share
  1. Open File Explorer (Windows Key + E)
  2. Right-click This PC in the left pane of the window
    1. On Windows 10 select Map network drive...
    2. On Windows 11 select Show more options, then Map network drive...
  3. Choose an available drive letter
  4. In the Folder window, type \\ then click Browse
  5. Click on "Storage" to expand the list
  6. Click on the shared folder you want to map (e.g. labs, ous, projects)
    You can also expand the shared folder to see further subfolders and map those directly
  7. After selecting the folder/subfolder you want click OK
  8. Click Finish


  1. Open Finder (left most icon in the dock or click on desktop)
  2. Click on the Go menu and then Connect to Server (or CMD + K)
  3. Server Address: or smb://
  4. If prompted, enter your credentials:
    1. Log in as a Registered User
    2. Name: username
    3. Password: network password
    4. Connect
  5. Select the volume that you want to mount (e.g. labs)

Storage Map





Files directly relating to committees

Members of a committee have access to the appropriate committee folders


Storage for core facilities

Members of a core facility have access to that facility's folder


Storage for labs

Members of the lab


(operating units) departments such as HR, IT, Finance, Post-docs, and Communications can store data here

Members of the department (operating unit)


Project-specific data/files. This provides a place to share files among labs, core facilities, and operating units.

Members of project


Each SRS has a subdirectory here. Proposals, including budgets, are submitted here.


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