Personnel Offboarding


With the same care and design shown to our employees upon hire, we have developed an offboarding process in order to ensure a smooth transition out of the workplace.strength lies in the expertise and dedication of our employees.

Our offboarding process:

  • When the intended departure date is known, the individual and/or the supervisor notifies the Director of Human Resources in writing. For those with a set, short-term appointment upon arrival, the departure date is recorded by the Director of Human Resources.
  • Director of Human Resources notes the planned departure in the SRS meeting report, if applicable.
  • Director of Human Resources creates a “Departing Employee Alert” calendar event, and invites the Staff Updates email group as well as the supervisor and the individual.
  • Supervisor sends an all-staff email noting the planned departure of the individual and any farewell activities; or the Director of Human Resources sends an all-staff email noting the departure of the individual following their leave, if appropriate.

Director of Human Resources schedules an institutional exit interview with the individual, and the information that is shared in the exit interview is then kept on file with HR, or shared with interested parties as appropriate, with the individual’s agreement.

Offboard Team Checklist

HR: Payroll, Benefits

Facilities: Keycard/key return, access, equipment

Information Technology: Disable user account, return Bigelow IT items, remove from email lists

Receptionist: Remove mailbox

Chief of Staff: Remove from staff directories

Acct. Payable: Disable credit card

(Postdoc/SRS only) VPE: remove from library access

(SRS only) CFO: NetSuite, balances

(SRS only) VPR: Grants, equipment

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