2020 December - email name spoofing


Sent to staff email list on 17 December 2020.

Emailing Bigelow employees from your Colby email address

About a month ago, I turned on an "employee name spoofing" filter in our Bigelow Gmail account. This has stopped a huge number of phishing emails that "spoof" employee names (e.g. an email that says it is from Deborah Bronk, but is really from a random gmail address). The filter quarantines any email that comes from a current employee's name but not their bigelow.org email address. This means that emails from your personal email accounts and other business email accounts (including Colby) will be quarantined. We are monitoring the quarantine on a daily basis, but in order to avoid undelivered or late emails, please do not send emails to other Bigelow employees from your non-Bigelow email accounts whenever possible. I have reached out to Google about making exceptions to this policy, but it is not currently possible.

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