Updated 1 year ago

Set up a new Bigelow account using Google single sign on

Approval Reminders

Updated 1 year ago

Set up approval reminders in NetSuite. Sign in to NetSuite. Locate the Reminders section on your dashboard. Hover over the Reminders section and click the menu icon (three vertical dots). Click the S…

Business Office Orientation

Updated 4 months ago

Meet the business office / finance team at Bigelow and learn about our financial software, NetSuite

Customize Dashboard

Updated 1 year ago

Add custom sections to your dashboard, including "My Purchase Orders", "Purchase orders to Receive", etc.

Dashboard (SRS)

Updated 1 year ago

Customize SRS role dashboard

NetSuite FAQ

Updated 1 year ago

Answers to common NetSuite questions

NetSuite Login

Updated 9 months ago

NetSuite uses Google Workspace Single Sign-On for the Employee Center and SRS roles. Here's how to log in.

NetSuite shortcuts

Updated 1 year ago

Create, display, and manage shortcuts in NetSuite

Revenue Flow Chart

Updated 1 year ago

A flowchart explaining Bigelow's revenue streams

Workshop Project

Updated 9 months ago

General Project set-up for event Guide:. I. Useful forms and artifact links:. Stipend Request Form Example Course Survey Bigelow Financial Policies and Procedures - See Section III on participant sup…

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