Charlie Overview





Bigelow's high performance computing cluster (HPCC)


Charlie front end nodes where jobs are submitted (e.g. cfe1, cfe2)


4th generation Charlie compute nodes. Dell R840 (6 nodes, each with 96 cores and 1TB of memory) Total: 576 cores (1152 threads) & 6 TB of memory


5th generation Charlie compute nodes. Dell R7525 (1 node with 64 cores, 256GB memory and NVIDIA A100 GPU)

New accounts

To request an account on Charlie, please have you supervisor submit the request through the Helpdesk. Once your request has been approved and the account created, you will receive an email with your username and a temporary password. You will be prompted to change this password the first time that you log in.

Using Charlie

Please do not run code directly on cfe, which has very limited resources. Jobs are submitted to compute nodes using the PBS Pro job scheduler. Only basic programs and utilities are installed on the nodes themselves. To use software packages that are not installed locally (or a different version than what is installed locally) you will use environment modules.


There is an active community of Charlie users on the Bigelow Slack workspace. Channels include: #comp-charlie and #comp-code. Please post questions there before emailing

Still need help? Submit a ticket.

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