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Microsoft Office


Uninstall Old Versions of Office
  1. Navigate to storage/resources/software /applications/appcleaner
    • Open Finder
    • In the top menu select Go > Connect to Server
    • Enter storage/resources/software/applications/appcleaner for the Server Address
    • Click Connect
    • Copy the app to your desktop
  2. Run
  3. If you get a message saying “'AppCleaner' is an application downloaded from the internet. Are you sure you want to open it?” then click “Open.” 
  4. Open the Applications folder and drag all the old Office applications into the AppCleaner window  
  5. After AppCleaner finishes scanning the folder click “Remove”  
  6. Close AppCleaner
  7. If Microsoft Office 2011 was installed on your computer and the Office 2011 folder is still listed in your Applications folder, drag that folder to the trash (or command + delete)
Install Microsoft Office 2021 Mac
  1. Navigate to Google Drive > Shared Drives > Resources > IT > Software > Microsoft Office 2021 - macOS
  2. Download the folder Office 2021 - Mac
  3. Navigate to the downloaded folder, and install Microsoft_Office_16.57.22011101_BusinessPro_Installer.pkg & Microsoft_Office_LTSC_2021_VL_Serializer.pkg
  4. Enter your password if prompted and click “Install Software”
  5. After the install is complete, drag the downloaded folder to the Trash


  1. Navigate to Google Drive > Shared Drives > Resources > IT > Software > Microsoft Office 2021 - Windows
  2. Download
  3. Unzip the file
  4. Double click the Install.bat file
  5. Newer versions of Windows may pop-up a window stating "Windows protected your PC". Click "More info", and then click the "Run anyway" button.
    The installation process will start and can take quite some time to complete, particularly if you are using older or less robust hardware. It will let you know when it is finished, and you can exit out of the program. The installer will remove all old versions of Microsoft Office automatically.
  6. A setup window will launch. Click through to complete the install.
    When the install is finished, you will be taken back to the command prompt. Exit out of the command prompt window and launch office.

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