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Title & Description

  • Titles should not include "ing". E.g. "Printer Setup", NOT "Setting Up Printer"
  • Titles should be as concise as possible. Elaborate in the description if necessary
  • Titles should use Title Case (a capital letter for each word, except for "for", "to", "a/an", etc)
  • Article descriptions should not have a period at the end unless there are multiple sentences


  • Should be cropped to the smallest area, while showing enough context. Do not include the full screen
  • Once uplaoded, they should be set to a maximum of 400px wide (depending on the image size, less)
  • Only use screenshots where absolutely necessary to convey a message. They take up a lot of screen space and make the article look daunting.


  • Do not use H1 elements in article content. Start with H2
  • Should use the fewest words possible
    Avoid paragraphs whenever possible and use SHIFT+ENTER to add a line to a bullet or numbered list (like this).
  • Should be written in commands, not suggestions or colloquialisms
    • good: Click the submit button
    • bad: "In order to proceed, you should click on the submit" or "click on the submit button to continue"
  • Do not use periods after short list items
Use "callouts" (speach bubble icon in toolbar) to add notes, tips, and warnings in colored boxes. Callouts add distinction and importance to statements. Please do not over-use.

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