Screen Share (Dummy HDMI)


Share your screen in a Zoom Room using a dummy HDMI adapter:

  1. Start a new meeting from the Zoom Room (orange button)
  2. Open the Zoom app on your laptop
  3. Click the blue Join button
  4. Enter the Meeting ID (meeting IDs for each Zoom Room can be found at
  5. Check the "Don't connect to audio box"
  6. Check the "Turn off my video box"
  7. Click Join
  8. Plug in your "HDMI dummy" dongle
  9. Click Share Screen
  10. Select "Desktop 2"
  11. If you need to share audio, check the "Share Sound box in the bottom left corner
  12. If you need to share video, check the "optimize for video clip" in the bottom left corner
  13. Click Share
  14. In PowerPoint, start your presentation in presenter mode
  15. If the presenter screen is on the TV/projector screen, click the SWAP button in the top-left corner of the TV/projector screen.

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Screen Share (Presenter Mode)

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