Jupyter notebook


To use Jupyter notebooks, you should be on the Bigelow network (either on site or connected to the VPN)

  1. Start an interactive session/job
    qsub -I -q route -l walltime=8:00:00 -l ncpus=2,mem=16G -N jupyter-interactive
  2. Navigate to your notebook directory and setup your environment
    module load anaconda3
  3. Determine the IP address of the current compute node
    hostname -I
  4. Start a jupyter notebook session
    jupyter notebook --no-browser --port=<port> --ip=<ip address>
    The port can be in the range of 8888-8988. The ip address is the IP found in the previous step.
  5. Copy and paste the URL from your notebook session into a web browser on your local computer

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