Closed Captions


Zoom provides built-in automatic closed captions for meetings, including pro accounts.

Enable subtitles for a meeting

  1. Start or join a Zoom meeting
  2. Click the Live Transcript (CC) icon in the Zoom meeting's bottom toolbar
    If you do not see the Live Transcript icon, click the More (...) icon and then "Live Transcript"
  3. Under Live Transcription, click "Enable"
    If you do not see the Live Transcription section, please contact helpdesk and provide the Meeting ID

Show subtitles during a meeting

  1. Click the Live Transcript button
  2. Click "Show Subtitles"

Get a full text transcript of your meeting

  1. Click the Live Transcript button
  2. Choose "View Full Transcript" from the dropdown menu
    Choose View Full Transcript from dropdown menu
  3. Leave the Transcript window open for the duration of the meeting. Anything said before the window is opened, or after it is closed will not be transcribed, even if you have closed captioning turned on.
  4. You may click the "Save Transcript" button when you are done, or wait until your video has been processed. At that time, a recorded video, an audio only version of the meeting, and a transcript will be available for download.

Additional information and instructions can be found at

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