Project Activity Report


This report is used to look at the detail of one or more projects.

Generate report

  1. Click on the blue BLOS Project Activity Report tile on the SRS dashboard
    You can also search for "BLOS Project Activity Report" in the top search bar
  2. Click the two upward-facing chevrons in the bottom right corner of the screen to expand the section
    If the chevrons are facing down, skip this step
  3. Click on the "program any of" dropdown and use CTRL + F to search for and select your project number
    You can select multiple projects by holding the CTRL key while clicking
  4. Select the desired time period (you can select single or multiple periods)
  5. Click the blue "refresh" button at the bottom to run the report
    If you see "no data available", try running with a different time range

The report will open as an expanded version. You can use the collapse and expand buttons on the bottom right for easy viewing. Press the up arrow to collapse the report down to its highest level and then the down arrow twice to drill down to a summary level that will be easy to view. You can always drill down further if you want to expand the various levels.

To expand individual accounts, click the + button to the left of the accounts or click on the account numbers to "drill into" that account.

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