Best Practices

Updated 3 years ago

Best practices for using computers, internet, email, and more at Bigelow.

Helpdesk Request Form

Updated 2 years ago

Submit a Helpdesk request


Updated 2 years ago

New to Bigelow? Need a refresher? Here is some information to get you going.

Event Procedure

Updated 8 months ago

At this time, we do not have dedicated events staff at Bigelow. Advancement, Communications, Executive, and Education staff are expected to handle the details for their own events, following this pro…

Lab Closure Procedure

Updated 2 years ago

Procedures for alerting staff about a laboratory closure.


Updated 2 years ago

Links to helpdesk articles and forms.

Resource Drive Conventions

Updated 1 year ago

The resources Google Shared Drive ( is a place to store forms, policies, and other documents that should be available to all staff. In order to keep the drive organized and info…

Resource Map

Updated 2 years ago

Work Resources. Note: Some links below take you to the Google Drive directory where a particular file is located (not directly to the file itself). Guidelines for onboarding of new staff, visiting sc…

Shipping (FedEx)

Updated 2 years ago

Setup FedEx account, create, and print shipping labels.

Shipping (International)

Updated 2 years ago

International shipping instructions and customs broker recommendation

Suggestion Box

Updated 2 years ago

Anonymous suggestion box

Support Article Guidelines

Updated 2 years ago

Guidelines for writing support articles.

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