Purchase & Expense

Bill/Invoice Approval

Updated 9 months ago

Approve or Reject an Invoice/Bill. If you receive an "Invoice for Approval" via email: Review the invoice (attached) and additional information in the email. Click on the Approve or Reject buttons at…

Creating a Bill to be Paid

Updated 9 months ago

Log into NetSuite (netsuite.bigelow.org). When needing to bill from a Purchase Order, first access the PO record from your dashboard listing, or by using the search bar:. The PO must first be receive…

Expense Report

Updated 2 years ago

Create and submit an expense report in NetSuite

Expense Report (example)

Updated 3 months ago

Examples of expense reports, including travel

Non-Employee Reimbursement

Updated 8 months ago

How to request reimbursement for expenses

Purchase Order

Updated 2 years ago

Submit a purchase order request in NetSuite

Purchase Order (example)

Updated 2 years ago

Examples of purchase orders for specific and non-specific purchases

Purchase Order (supplemental)

Updated 2 years ago

Additional purchase order workflows and information

Recurring Purchase Order (SRS)

Updated 2 years ago

Create recurring (monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc.) purchase orders or other transactions.

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