Information Technology


Updated 2 years ago

Normally you will not need to change your DNS settings, but if Bigelow IT has asked you to, here are some instructions.

DNS Change

Updated 1 year ago

Windows 11 Open the Settings application from the start menu. Click "Network & internet". Click "Ethernet". Scroll down to "DNS server assignment". If the DNS server is set to "Automatic (DHCP)" you…

Data Storage and Retention

Updated 1 second ago

Off-device storage options. There are multiple choices for data storage at Bigelow, mainly Google Drive (My Drive and Shared Drives) and our on-premise NetApp storage cluster. Each has advantages and…

Google Drive

Updated 1 year ago

Google Drive is an online file storage platform. Google Drive is separate from Google Docs , although they work together nicely. You can store any kind of file in Google Drive, including native Word…

HPCC and Storage Proposal Information

Updated 3 months ago

HPCC & Storage. Bigelow Laboratory’s high performance computing cluster (HPCC) has a combined 640 CPU cores (1280 threads) and over 6TB of memory. A secondary cluster provides overflow capacity of 28…

Laptop Recommendations

Updated 2 years ago

Bigelow provides the option between Mac or Windows when purchasing a new computer. Below highlights the two general purpose laptops that we currently recommend to employees. Please reach out for our…

Loaner Hardware

Updated 2 years ago

Bigelow IT has several resources available for loan, including computers, projectors, and adapters.

Migrating data from Storage to Google Drive

Updated 3 years ago

Move your files from Bigelow's on-premise storage system to Google Drive


Updated 4 months ago

Change Bigelow domain and email passwords, password requirements and ideas for strong passwords.


Updated 2 years ago

Configure voicemail and reset your desk phone

Restoring Files

Updated 2 years ago

Windows. Please submit a ticket to IT at to make previous versions visible by providing the path to the file. Navigate to the folder that the file is or was located in. Right click o…


Updated 4 months ago

Windows. Quick connect. Open File Explorer (Windows Key + E). In the address bar, at the top of the window, type: \\ Click on a storage share. Map a storage share. Open File Explo…


Updated 2 weeks ago

You only need to use the VPN to access internal resources such as file storage (non-Google Drive), Charlie, and other on-site systems. OpenVPN allows employees to securely and remotely access resourc…

VPN Migration

Updated 2 years ago

Starting July 5, we will be migrating to a new VPN server. User credentials, including multi-factor authentication will remain unchanged. There is a two-step process to migrate.

Vendor Access

Updated 2 months ago

Vendor access to Bigelow's internal network

Website Request

Updated 1 year ago

Website change requirements


Updated 2 years ago

Do not use the Bigelow Staff WiFi network on your cell phone , tablet, or non-work computer. Instead, use Bigelow Guest network which is is just as fast for internet access. This article provides ins…

Zeiss Digital Classroom

Updated 2 years ago

Connect the iPad to the microscopes. Turn on iPad. Launch Zeiss app. In the bottom left corner it should saw WLAN: Carl_Zeiss. If not: Press the home button. Open settings. Click on WiFi. Click on th…

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