Print & Fax

Kyocera Printers

Updated 1 year ago

Bigelow has 10 Kyocera printers for shared use. One large unit is located in the mailroom and in the Cafe. One small unit is located on each floor of each wing as well as the Alfond room. Note: you n…

Printer Setup for Students

Updated 11 months ago

Install (MacOS). Click here to download a copy of the driver for your computer. After downloading the driver you must double click it to open the disk image, then double click the file labeled "Kyoce…

Scanning a Document to Email

Updated 3 years ago

Login to the printer and select Scan To. Select E-mail Addr Entry to set the destination email address or select a stored email with the Address Book. (Optional) You can change the scanned document f…

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