Updated 2 years ago

Sign up, install, and get started with the 1Password password manager

Adobe Acrobat DC

Updated 2 years ago

MacOS. Download the installation file here: In Finder, double click the downloaded file Acrobat_2020_Web_WWMUI.dmg.…

Adobe Creative Cloud

Updated 3 years ago

Our current agreement with Adobe requires that we use their Creative Cloud subscription service. The current pricing can be found here. In order to install the apps you must first install the creativ…


Updated 5 years ago

Configuring remote desktop. Open Microsoft Remote Desktop. Click on the "+" icon to add a new desktop connection. Enter arcgis for the PC Name. Select your user account (or create a new one using you…

Colby VPN

Updated 3 years ago

Connect to the Colby PulseSecure VPN

Combine PDFs in Adobe Acrobat

Updated 5 years ago

MacOS. Gather files. Move files into one folder on your computer. Convert Word to PDF. Open Word document. Click File > Save As... Select PDF from the File Format dropdown. Check that it is saving it…

Excel Trust Settings

Updated 3 years ago

Microsoft Excel on Windows is set to not trust documents originating from the internet. The instructions below change this setting, allowing you to edit files downloaded from the internet. Open Micro…

Install Falcon Antivirus

Updated 4 months ago

Windows Installer. Download the file found in Google Shared drives > Resources > IT > Software > Anti-Virus Windows. Right click on the zip file and select Extract All... to unzip…

Microsoft Office

Updated 8 months ago

macOS. Uninstall Old Versions of Office. Navigate to storage/resources/software /applications/appcleaner Open Finder. In the top menu select Go > Connect to Server. Enter storage/resources/software/a…

Mosyle Mac Enrollment

Updated 2 years ago

Copy your enrollment link into a web browser and click enter. Click START ENROLLMENT to download and run the mobile configuration file. Open System Preferences. Click Profiles. Click Install Profile.…

Raiser's Edge

Updated 3 years ago

MacOS. Open Microsoft Remote Desktop (or download from the Mac App Store ). Click on the File menu > New. Enter the following connection information: Connection name: FE VM 1 PC name: fe-vm1 Gateway:…


Updated 3 years ago

Overview. Slack brings all your team's communication together, giving everyone a shared workspace where conversations are organized and accessible. Bigelow has a shared slack workspace that anyone wi…

Software Resources

Updated 2 years ago

Available software. Microsoft Office 2019. Adobe Acrobat DC. Adobe Creative Cloud. Slack. ArcGIS. Falcon Antivirus. 1Password.

Uninstall OpenVPN

Updated 3 years ago

Uninstall the OpenVPN Connect client for macOS and Windows 10

Windows 10 - Restore from backup

Updated 3 years ago

Restore a Windows 10 computer from a system backup.

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