You only need to use the VPN to access internal resources such as file storage (non-Google Drive), Charlie, and other on-site systems.

OpenVPN allows employees to securely and remotely access resources on our internal network.

Your public internet traffic is not routed through Bigelow's VPN, so it can not be used to secure a public network.

Setup OpenVPN with Google (SAML) authentication

  1. Delete old VPN profile(s)
    1. Open the OpenVPN app
    2. Click on the pencil/edit icon next to each Bigelow profile
    3. Click DELETE PROFILE at the bottom of the screen
  2. Download and install the macOS or Windows VPN client even if you already have it installed (the latest version is required)
    If you see a "Windows protected your PC" alert, click More info and then Run anyway.
  3. In a web browser, go to https://vpn.bigelow.org
  4. Click "Sign in via SAML"
  5. When prompted, select or sign in to your Bigelow Google account
  6. Click the profile link "Yourself (user-locked profile)"
  7. Once downloaded, open the .ovpn file (which will open in the OpenVPN app)
  8. When prompted to import the .ovpn profile, click OK
  9. You can optionally set the Profile Name to something like "Bigelow VPN"
  10. Click CONNECT
  11. When prompted, select or sign in to your Bigelow Google account
  12. If prompted "Do you want to allow this website to open “OpenVPN Connect”?", click Allow
    This connection step can take ~5 seconds, so be patient
  13. You are now connected!
    If the web browser authentication window doesn't automatically close, you can close it once connected to the VPN.

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VPN Migration

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